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Yoga for Beginners

Past few years has seen a considerable increase in the popularity and attractiveness of yoga. Whereas this current trend has brought a lot of new comers to the yoga and they experience some confusion as how to begin yoga. For beginners, make your mind up that you want to begin yoga is the primary step. Don't suffer weighed down by the many yoga poses.

Your yoga practice will be lifetimes search; giving you a lot of time to learn many difficult poses. As your Yoga practice developed, you will experience comfort and taking on more difficult poses. But at time of beginning, just keep it simple.

Fundamentals of Yoga for beginners-
  • If the yogi is below 12 years of age than Yoga pose should not be practiced for extended time interval and asanas are to be keep for small duration.
  • Beginner should practice yoga every day at least for 30 to 45 minutes to obtain maximum results.
  • Most excellent time to practice yoga is early in the morning, but one can practice in the afternoon hours also but after following food limitations.
  • Food limitations - stomach should be empty at time of yoga practicing, that means one should eat solid food at least 3 hours before practicing yoga and liquid diet 1 hour before.
  • Place of yoga should be open, clean, bright and away from noise and disturbance.
  • Yoga should not be practiced on uncovered ground but keep carpet on floor.
  • Clothes at time of yoga should be comfortable and loose. Undergarments are compulsory.
  • Prefers vegetarian diet and avoid spicy and hot food as much as possible.
  • At time of Pregnancy and menstruation women should not practiced Yoga.