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Yoga for Headaches

Basic reason of headache is tension and this type of headaches is very disturbing. General reasons for tension are stress, depression, nervousness, disturbed activities, improper diet and some time it is caused by some other disease. If you experience heavy weight on your head at work time, possibly around lunch hours when the day become slow and the sunlight is at its hottest, that type of headache is probably tension-type headache. To prevent this adverse situation, one should adopt more holistic approach to control the bothersome and painful tension-type headaches. And the best way to control this type of headache is Yoga exercises including relaxation techniques, proper diet, and psychological counselling.

There are few techniques of yoga for headache that work wonders as a cure for headache:

Heavenly Stretch Pose:
This is very easy asana that give great relief not only in tension but also in back, neck and shoulder pain.

  1. Try to stand straight on your toes and raise your hands toward sky.
  2. Get your hands together and interlock the fingers and turn your locked hands so that your palms are facing up.
  3. Now slowly tilt your neck in backward direction and look up at your hands.
  4. Finally take slow breaths.
Neck Rolls Yoga:
This asana is excellent for relaxation of muscles of neck and shoulders, so that headache causing tension get reduced. Steps:
  1. Sit on floor with crossed legs.
  2. Now rotate your neck slowly right to down over to the left. Repeat this for 10 minutes.
Cooling Breaths:
In this asana you feel a cooling sensation with each breath, and you feel relaxed and the tension and headache slip away.

  1. Sit on floor with crossed legs and take short breaths in and out through nose.
  2. Now try to roll your tongue in shape of a tube and inhale through the opening of tube created by tongue and exhale through nose. If someone cant able to roll their tongues, than just make a small o shape with their lips and than do same style of breathe.