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Yoga for Quitting Smoking

For any one, it will be complicated and difficult to leave a habit of smoking all of sudden. So it is better that one should try slowly to give up the habit. Each and every smoker understands that he needs to get free from the killer habit at some point of life. Yoga is not a miracle or wonder treatment to quit smoking. The different techniques of yoga like asanas (postures), pranayama (Breathing exercise), Meditation (Dhyan), are definitely the most excellent way for quitting smoking. No other methods can challenge the well-made complete and incorporated techniques to quit smoking. Above of all, yoga also improves health damages caused due smoking. It recovers your lungpower and strengthens and finally it improves many dangerous effects of smoking.

There are some specific techniques of Yoga for quitting smoking:

Pranayma (deep, controlled breathing) The controlled and deep breathing (pranayama) exercise actually repairs your body as the nicotine is separate out from the body and lungs. Deep breathing technique is also helpful when strong nicotine passion occur. Practicing pranayama with the regular yoga poses practice, ultimately replaces the smoking habit and the passion start to reduce and vanished completely.

Jala Neti
Jala Neti is special yoga technique of using a tiny vessel called a neti pot filled with little warm salty water use to smoothly wash out the nasal passages. Jala neti is not only used for cleaning the nasal passages, but it also serves to motivate the pituitary gland in the brain, which stimulate the Ajna Chakra situated behind the forehead. It also helps to create a space for clear and unobstructed breathing.

Meditation and visualization
The practice of meditation take your mind to a relaxed and conscious state where one can access its inner strength and knowledge. At time of meditation one can visualize that all the anxiety, worry, tension and pessimistic emotions are flowing away from your body and one can visualize him/herself a healthy, happy, non-smoker person.

Yoga helps you to develop a fresh and healthier lifestyle. It amplifies lung capacity and through practicing the poses, meditation, imagination, jala neti and pranayma the urge to smoke and infect the body finally fades away.