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Yoga for Blood Pressure

Flow of blood in body is with certain pressure, but sometime pressure of blood increased or decreased than of normal range then it is called disease. If itís higher than normal, it is called High Blood Pressure or if it is drop below the normal, it is called Low Blood Pressure. This pressure is generated because of contraction of heart. Due to many different reasons blood pressure increases, such as fearful condition, anger, nervousness, extreme thinking, mental tensions or physical exertion. In these conditions the heart comes under additional workload. But when again situation comes to normal, blood pressure also controlled. If Blood Pressure change is momentary then it is not disease but if Blood pressure remains high or low always, it becomes a serious disease.

To control Blood Pressure only option is, remove all the tensions from the mind and control the mental actions and for this Yogasanas, Pranayama, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra is best treatment.
  • Yogasanas:
    In Yogasanas there are no strains and each muscle gets relaxed, so that necessity for blood and oxygen goes down to normal. Yogasana reduces the tension, so that the mind becomes stable and determined. In yogasanas due to twists and stretched poses, the performance of endocrine glands, heart, digestive organs, and other organs get better.

  • Pranayama:
    Breathing controls blood circulation in body, and heart is closely related to blood circulation. Easy breathing techniques like Deep Breathing, and Quite Breathing reduces mental stress and strain. Various Pranayama exercises like Ujjayi Pranayama stable the Panic flow of energy in the body. Ujjayi also concentrate on carotid sinus, which helps in reduction of BP. Nadishodhan Pranayama manage the Panic flow.

  • Meditation:
    Meditation is study of attentiveness and awareness. During meditation whole body get relaxed that gives sufficient rest to the muscles and other organs. In relaxed situation one can be able to handle stressful circumstances in effective manner, so that condition of increasing blood pressure get controlled and mind functioning is also improved.

  • Yoga Nidra:
    In this exercise one can get rid of physical, mental and emotional stresses easily and effectively. It also helps focus the mind and removes negative elements. Yoga Nidra is easy to practice and it gives results in little time. Even daily Ĺ hour rehearsals are enough.