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Yoga for Abs

Abdominal skin is different from lot of the skin covering the remaining part of the body. Abdominal skin has a different type of tissues that loves to accumulate fat. It can accumulate fat up to several inches. That fat-free upper body you see in commercials are achievable for less than 10 percent of the people. Between the different ways to get a flat stomach or abs, there is one technique that has been gaining ground from last few years, and now it become as a permanent routine on many of gyms around the world and that technique is “Yoga”. These yoga poses for abs will hold your abs and help you to feel calm and transformed. Stretches that extend your abdominal will help to make middle portion of body strong. Doing yoga on a regular basis will improve your flexibility, attitude, and strength.

Regular practice of asanas below will target the abdominal area:

The Bow Pose
Lie down flat on your stomach and hold your ankles with both arms at the same time lift your head. End up asana with resting on your stomach.

The Peacock Pose
In this pose you require to balance your abs on your co joined elbows and at the same time raise your legs.

Bending Forward Pose
First sit with your legs and stretched them together straight in front of you and then point your toes. Inhale and then stretch toward your toes with your fingertips, keeping body extended.

Cat Cow stretch
This asana is helpful in stretching abdominal, allowing them to grow. Stretching is also a way to strengthen your muscles. For this asana come on all fours (legs and hands) and bend your spine on both ways, like a cat.

Sun Salutations
Sun salutations also have a spiritual importance in yoga, and it involves motions, backward and forward. Sun salutations are a excellent way to start yoga for abs.