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Yoga for Knee Pain

Our knees are hard working and shock absorbers. Many old age people experience painful knee pain though this knee pain is not only limited to old people but also young and healthy people get affected by this pain due to various reason. General factors for knee pain are old age, fatness, knee injuries, misalignment of knee, improper way of doing exercise, tightness in muscles, or because of grouping of above factors. Healthy, strong and flexible muscular support is necessary for healthy knee. Stiff outer hips and hamstrings put excessive pressure on knee joints. Yoga helps in keeping knee joints healthy by reinforcement and lengthening the muscles that enclose with the knee joints and supports our body weight. The benefit with yoga for knee pain is that it makes both the inner and outer quadriceps stronger. Yoga for knee pain also help in mobilizing your knee joints by correcting the misalignment that happens if our muscles are too tight and stiff.

Corpse Pose
  1. First lie straight on your back with arms at side and palms facing upward.
  2. Than stretch yourself outward, like somebody is pulling your head away from your feet, and shift your legs downwards from your pelvis and your shoulders away from the neck
  3. Now take a deep breathe from abdomen and hold pose for few minutes.
  4. Finally fold your knees and relax from position.
Leg Raises
  1. First lie straight on your back.
  2. Than with deep breathe lift you’re left leg as high as possible and lower down your leg as you exhale. Repeat same steps with right leg.
  3. Now again inhale and lift your left leg and then tight it with your both hands and pull towards you and keep your head down. Repeat same steps with left leg.