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Yoga for legs

Yoga is basically helping you to bring stability and harmony in your life; it also give tremendous way to tone your body. Many of the yoga asanas helps in burning extra calories and give perfect shape to your body that you always dreamt of but could never get. There are many different yoga poses that target different parts of your body. Yoga can, in fact, help you make any particular part of your body stronger and shaped that you desire. Yoga exercises for leg will help you to improve flexibility and blood flow of the legs muscles. Some of the yoga asanas can help you in improvement of your legs shape and strength, Yoga for legs also improve blood flow so that the leg muscles are become strengthened and your legs stay fat-free.

"Raised Legs Pose" is excellent yoga exercise for legs. “Utthanpadasana” is an Indian (Sanskrit) translation of Raised Leg pose. This asana not only tones up the thigh muscle and build them tight but also helpful for players in maintaining their leg balance. This asana has two stages, which are given below:

Stage 1st
  1. Lie straight on the floor (like Savasana pose) with flat palm and open eyes.
  2. Keep ankle straight and the heel should touch the ground.
  3. Raise your right leg upto comfort level with deep and slow breathing. Keep knees straight.
  4. Now stretch your right toe in backward direction.
  5. Hold this pose for 5 to 10 seconds and then exhale and bring leg back on the floor. Repeat same steps with left leg.
Stage 2nd
  • Remain in same Savasana pose with flat hands and open eyes.
  • Now with deep and slow breathing raise both legs upto comfort level.
  • Keep knees straight and legs together.
  • Hold this pose for 5 seconds and then exhale and bring legs back on floor.