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Yoga for Back Pain

Generally back pain is the common cause to get medical attention. Yoga has constantly been used to heal up and prevent back pain by increasing strength and flexibility. Acute and long-term strain and pressure can lead to muscle tension and create back problems. Back pain is increasingly a problem for many adults. Sometimes problem lie is that the spine is compacted and the back muscles are stiff and weak. Yoga for back pain aim to reinforce the spine as well as pull out and stretch muscles, Yoga poses can be ideal for lots of back pain sufferers.

There are many benefits of yoga in treatment of back pain:
  • Yoga helps in increasing strength in every specific muscle groups and works to reinforce all main muscle groups that hold up the spine.

  • The stretching poses in yoga boost ups blood flow to the tissue, which holds the spine, due to that fitness of the intervertebral discs muscles of spine improves.

  • Yoga for back pain raise flexibility in shoulders and hips, which reduces demands on back, and also yoga increases flexibility of the backside muscles and spine, which allows spine to rotate properly.

  • Yoga poses used for back pain focus on breathing and relating breath with movement, which develops body awareness. Due to that one become more conscious of movement and activities that may contribute to back pain.

  • The "spine lengthening" posture in yoga supports proper alignment of the backbone.

    For person who is suffering from back pain Hatha yoga is a perfect style to start yoga. Styles such as Kundalini, Ashtanga and Bikram are focused, tough and difficult and are not a good preference for back pain sufferers.