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Yoga for Infertility

Many people are diagnosed by unsolved infertility, but yoga can change that diagnoses. Generally a basic reason behind infertility is tension and stress related problems. Yoga is an excellent stress reliever and it also tones your body. Yoga target definite parts of the body including organs, circulatory systems, and glandular. Because of practicing yoga for Infertility your chances of defeating infertility are increased three times greater than not using yoga. If yoga is particularly for Infertility it will focus on tension relief, muscle toning, and balance the reproductive organs and hormones. Some yoga asanas of Yoga for infertility are given below:

Supported Bridge Pose
  1. Firstly lie straight on the floor, tummy up, and then fold your knees as a result your feet become closer to your buttocks.
  2. Inhale and at time of exhale raise your pelvis and buttocks in upward direction from the floor. Make sure thighs and inner feet should parallel to each other. Shift your arms below your buttocks for additional support and grip your hands together.
  3. Now raise your pelvis and buttocks up till your thighs become parallel to the base. Make sure your knees are straight over your heels.
  4. Continue inhaling and exhaling and hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.
Legs on the Wall Pose
This asana is excellent for relaxation.

  1. For this asana first find a strong wall. Put a folded blanket below your neck it will be more relaxing.
  2. Now lie down on the floor with your buttocks as attached to the wall as probable.
  3. Gradually lengthen your legs up on the wall so that your body makes an angle of 90 degree. Continue breathing.
  4. Hold the posture for a few minutes.