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Yoga for Infants

Yoga practices grant a wide collection of amazing benefits for infants. Yoga for infant improves their flexibility, power, coordination, and body responsiveness. Other than this yoga improve their attention, relaxation and sense of quietness. During yoga performance, infants exercise, play, attach more genuinely with the inner self, and develop a friendly connection with the natural environment, which surrounds them. Yoga for Infants helps them to relax and sleep healthier. Yoga postures also improve infant’s digestive system. Yoga is a best way to spend excellent time with the infants in your care.

From the time of birth, babies automatically keep their knees up toward their chest that is knees-to-chest pose (apanāsana). When the baby born their digestive system is sometimes weak, and apanāsana helps in proper digestion and reduce gas discomfort.

"Sphinx pose" helps the four-month-old baby in lengthening of spine, strengthen the organs, and tone the upper part of body. Sphinx pose is an essential sign of weight shifting. Five- or six-month-older baby start lifting the head and upper body to advanced elevations, sphinx pose change into cobra pose (bhujāngāsana). This Postures prevents infants from future lower back pain.

Pose practiced by five months old baby is Bridge pose (Setubhandāsana). This asana helps in connecting the feet and pelvis for the infant who is trying to sit. Bridge pose is the self-initiated experience that an infant will have. This pose helps in forming feet-to-pelvis relationship, which is used in early sitting.