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Yoga for Children

Today's children are under heavy stress and tension starting from school. Your child has to face many targets and strain right from homework to supplementary activities to coaching and computer training. Just like the adultís lots of children are today looking for methods to reduce that stress and tension. Your child will be greatly improved off if they can find methods to handle this stress. Yoga for children is the key method for reducing tension and stress. Yoga exercises for children can offer several more benefits besides the advantages of reducing pressure and nervousness on your child. Yoga has been given away to help out restless and super energetic children and those with concentration insufficiency disorder. These children need much movement. Regular practice of yoga can help children in improving there focus in a more constructive direction.

Regular practice of Tadasana raises the height of the children and stimulates and builds up the nervous system. Deep inhalation makes lungs stronger Steps:
  1. 1. Stand straight on floor and take both the hands on the sides.
  2. Now take a deep breath and lift up both the hands.
  3. As the hands are elevated at the same time the ankles should also be lift up.
  4. Whole body weight will be on the paw and the body will be completely stretched.

This asana is for healthy stomach and waist. This yoga form is also helpful in increasing the height. Steps: Padahastasana should generally practice after Tadasana.
  1. Stand straight and while breathes in lift up the hands and bend forwards.
  2. Try to touch your knees with the head.
  3. At same time your hand will at the back next to the calf muscles.