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Yoga for Toddlers

Many times you have seen that a child twist into Childís Pose Or by mistake a toddler hang upside down on the sofa (in yoga terms, a relaxed inversion). Parents who practice yoga regularly definitely realize that while toddlers are naturally discovering their bodies and variety of motion, they often automatically choose positions we would demote to as yoga poses. Every yogis know that most of yoga is play, and that a lot of yoga poses leave room for childishness, joy, and silly laugh. So itís beneficial for toddlers and preschoolers to include them also in all the yoga style fun.

Yoga offers to infants and toddlers many benefits, but for that proper exercise is necessary. Yoga for toddlers includes many basic concepts of life like:
  1. Regular yoga exercise burn off excess fat, teach toddlers healthy fitness habits, and give better sleep.
  2. Breathing techniques are excellent to release frustration, as well as relaxation exercises and asanas of yoga are for self-soothing and comforting.
  3. Succession and positive strengthening increase confidence, strength, motor skills, stability and balance.
  4. For social and emotional skill development, adult-child bonding and interaction is important.
Else than these basics, "Magic Pose" and "Super-Duper pose" for Toddlers give parents easy tricks to suppress down their temper and irritability before they even begin.
  • Calm and relaxing poses help parents with transitioning toddlers at bedtime and naptime.
  • Other benefits of yoga poses include bath-time happiness, getting dressed, being patient in public, and motivating bad-tempered toddlers to shift with parents from one space to another without an objection.