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Yoga for Cancer

The relation between tension and cancer has been recognized by current findings in psycho-neuro-immunology. Recent research has confirmed that the doggedness of the cancer cells depends partially on inner body controls that stimulate tissue growth. Cancer patients find themselves in unfocused and troubled state of mind. When suffers mind is completely disturbed, then it is not possible to make critical decisions. Practicing Pranayam, meditation and relaxation exercises of yoga definitely help in reliving tension. If the tensions get released, positive energy can flow easily in the body and permit patient to feel a sense of well-being and strength. Body, mind, and spirit get balanced because of this feeling.

Yoga for cancer can be a best tool for curing cancer, especially when it can help in strengthening of immune system. For people who are suffering from cancer, Yoga can be a true resource of empowerment because one can practice yoga by oneself. Yoga for cancer basically deals with the body, by the means of practicing of physical postures called as asanas. These asans refresh and balance all the whole body system, particularly circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous and reproductive system. The asanas of Yoga work in a many ways on the internal organs of body, mainly the nervous system. Yoga asanas also work on joints, muscles and ligaments. Breathing exercises of yoga increases physical strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yoga exercises are always patient defined. Itís depended on affected parts; the type of cancer one is suffering from, and the sufferer physical capabilities. When patient practicing any specific asana, the patient must do only what he / she can do without pain. There may be some uneasiness, but going to the point of high pain is not at all beneficial for the practitioner.