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Yoga for Indigestion

Indigestion is a digestive system disorder that occurs to every person sometime in life. There are many reasons for indigestion, like eating irresistible but oily and fatty food; mental stress and nervousness, excessive eating, and also due to lack of physical work. Severe indigestion provides uneasiness and anxiety to the body as well as mind. Different yoga exercises help the digestive system for its appropriate functioning. Pranayama, the breathing exercises of Yoga help to refresh the muscles with the fresh supply of oxygen to them. Due to fresh supply of oxygen formation of the new cells increases and older ones removed easily. There are some techniques of yoga for indigestion treatment:

Kunjal (Stomach Wash)
Kunjal is a simple and effective yoga technique; kunjal involves the drinking of several numbers of glasses of salty water in early morning on an empty stomach. Instantaneously after that the vomiting reaction is tempted so as to vomit out the ingested water. The water vomited out is pretty clear, different than the case where substance comes out when someone vomit due to eating something non-digestible. This technique is extremely helpful not only for stomach health but also beneficial for respiratory and thyroid problems.
Nauli (Abdomen Churning)
This asana is for toning and controlling all your internal body organs. It includes mixing of different abdominal muscles via breath and muscles control. This is like sucking your abdomen and doing the muscles in and out, but it does not include breathing. Nauli increases flow of life energy in the body due to that the mind remains calm and clear. Because of muscular movement and breath control heat generated in body, which excite and recover the performance of the digestive system. In this asana blood circulation in digestive system is also increases, so that heat is build up, which is responsible for keeping digestive system proper.