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Yoga for Gas

Gas, acidity or constipation is some very common stomach disorders and the basic reason of these problems is our own carelessness and nutritional discomforts. Too much gas formation in stomach is the due to acidity and flatulence. Our food habits and lifestyle are mainly responsible for gas and acidity. Some other common reasons for gas are low fibre diet, lack of the physical works, not drinking sufficient water, hold-up stool for long time, stress and some time excessive traveling. Yoga for gas problems is very beneficial because it helps to push out the gas by exciting peristalsis and increase blood circulation in the digestive system; therefore digestive organs start working more effectively. Some yoga asanas for controlling gas problems are given below:

This asana is very helpful in reducing the gas problems. Practice 10 to 15 minutes vajrasana daily after meal is enough.

  1. To start asana put yoga mat on floor.
  2. Then sit on mat with straight legs.
  3. After that bend one by one your legs from knees and place them under your hips in such a way that the toes touch each other and knees should form V shape.
  4. Finally place hips on heels and hands under stomach and concentrate on your breath.
This asana will not only help to remove surplus gas but also give flexibility to your hips and knees and control the belly fat. Steps:
  • Lie straight on back on your yoga mat.
  • Then bend your left leg from knees and try to bring it closer to your stomach. Hold this position with the help of your left hand.
  • Now bend your neck and try to touch your nose to the knee. Keep this position for 30 seconds and than repeat similar steps with right leg. And finally do it with both the legs together.