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Yoga for Stress Relief

Now a days lifestyle full of stress, worry and tensions. Stress is usually refers to a depression in mood which may be temporary and minor. Stress is a general but severe disease or disorder, and the person who experience it; they require immediate treatment for recovery. Sometime stress co-exists with other severe disorders like heart disease, hiv/aids, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease. Stress is more common amongst women than men. There are lots of extremely effective yoga techniques that give relief to stress, and many yoga exercises can be done pretty easily by anybody. Many exercises of yoga for stress relief are come from the conventional Hatha Yoga technique, where many Yoga poses (asanas) and movements (Kriyas) are used to liberate tension in the body. Jnana Yoga also offers many exercises for body and mind cleaning Pranayama yoga and meditation are also clean, purify and relax mind and body and release stress. Legs-Up-the-Wall Staff Pose Steps: 1. Lie down keep your buttocks at the wall as close as possible. 2. Lengthen your legs up the wall. Bend your toes toward you and try to keep your knees straight by lengthening the hamstrings. 3. Be in this pose for around two minutes. Knees to Chest pose Steps:
  1. Lie on straight on your back and bring your knees into chest, and hug them tightly with both hands.
  2. Breathe intensely into your lower back and with every breathe out, allow your whole back to loosen up.
  3. Be in pose for little time.