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Yoga for health

Happiness is in the mind, and the body supports the mind, in other words a healthy mind survives in a healthy body. Happiness depends on mind and mind depends on body. For complete happiness physical fitness is compulsory and for complete physical fitness mental happiness or mental relaxation is compulsory. Health and yoga are strongly connected. Yoga is a best and most popular way for improving physical and mental health. This is basic reason because of that most of the people do yoga for health (physical and mental fitness). According to ancient Indian philosophy yoga is a complementary and alternative medicine for mind and body. The variety of yoga exercises that people use for different health purposes is combination of asanas (physical poses), breathing exercises, and meditation.

There are many physical, mental, and even possibly some spiritual benefits of yoga. People do yoga for several health situations and to attain fitness and relaxation. Yoga is used for a several of health reasons including anxiety disorder, asthma, high blood pressure, and depression. Some people do yoga as part of a general health treatment and to attain fitness and to relax mind. Health benefits of yoga includes:
  1. Increases flexibility
  2. Increases energy level
  3. Control blood pressure levels
  4. Improves body immunity
  5. Improve concentration
  6. Improve cardiovascular health and stamina
  7. Strengthened muscles and make them stronger
  8. Healthier respiratory system
  9. Probable weight loss
  10. Release stress from mind.
  11. Strength and resiliency increase
  12. Level of energy increases.
  13. Sleep improves