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Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is definitely one of the most practiced yoga in the Hindu religion. Karma-yoga connects both the physical and mental feature of Hindu philosophy to create a single concept. In easiest word karma purely means action, and yoga means union. Thus one can simply say Karma yoga is path of union through action. Karma Yoga is explained as a way of acting, thinking and willing by which one learns about oneself.

Sanskrit word "Kri" is the root word of Karma, which means, "to do". Karma Yoga basically consists of self-sacrificing services. Karma Yoga is path of doing thing right and accepting destiny as it comes. Commonly Karma Yoga is known as Buddhi Yoga and also Discipline of action. Karma Yoga is one of the most important pillars among four pillars of Yoga based on "Bhagwat Gita". Among four pillars of Yoga only Karma Yoga focuses on devotion to duty without expecting any reward, while remaining three are attached with rewards. Karma Yoga says if someone is performing his or her duties in unselfish manner for the happiness of supreme power or in welfare of world than one can feel salvation (Moksha) or love of god.

If Karma Yogi is some householder than he/she will accept that role as much as he/she would accept the role of servant, without looking for any compensation in the form of wealth, fame or name. So that basics of Karma Yoga are:
  • Work with an understanding of symbolism.
  • Work unselfishly.
  • Work for benefits of others.
  • Think how your work changes your mind.
Make all your actions as an offering to divine.