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Yoga for Immune System

The immune system is an arrangement of organs, glands, and nodes that work to guard the body from viruses, bacteria and other injurious organisms. The immune system needs a continuous delivery of energy and nutrients to sustain best possible function and performance. Pollutant in the atmosphere and in our food, poor diet, excessive or lack of exercise, and tension all can cause negative effects on the function of the immune system and its’ proper activity. If immune system does not work properly than the body becomes week and subject to sickness, infections and other health problems. Powerful immune systems not only lead to reduce the amount of illness, but also helpful in prevention of tremendous symptom of illness. Yoga completely impacts the immune system by improving blood circulation, improving oxygen flow that helps in transportation of energy from nutrients to cells, improve the flow of the sinuses and wash out mucous from the lungs and increase lung mobility, massage and refresh internal organs, calm down the nervous system and boost up the immune response. There are some simple techniques of yoga for immune system improvement:
Alternate Nostril Breath
It helps in cleaning of sinuses and nasal passages.

  1. Sit normally and take a usual few breaths in and out by using the nose.
  2. To start, softly close your right nostril with the help of hand and leave the left one open
  3. Breathe in through the left nostril and then slowly close the left nostril and open right. Now exhale from the right nostril. Repeat same steps with right to left nostril. Carry on this same exercise on each side for 8-10 more breaths.
Cobra Pose–
In Cobra pose one will raise the sternum and expand the chest, which is great for immunity builders. In this pose blood circulation in the thymus gland increases. Thymus gland plays main role in construction of our T cells that are in first line to defence from colds & flu.

  1. First lie on your stomach, with hands on the ground in face of the chest.
  2. As you breathe in, softly raise your head, neck, shoulders and upper back.
  3. Breathe out to release and rest.
  4. Continue 8 to 10 times.