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Yoga for Life

There are 8 limbs of yoga called as "Yoga sutras" that make Yoga for life:
  1. Yama says Care to others and the surroundings.
  2. Niyama says Care towards you
  3. Asana-Technique of physical exercises
  4. Pranayama- Technique of breathing exercises
  5. Pratyahara- means use of our senses
  6. Dharana- direct our brainpower
  7. Dhyana-Meditation (concentration)
  8. Samadhi-complete combination of body control and understanding
Yoga is an entire body and brain approach to wellness and as such offers a massive amount of benefits. Yoga has many health benefits that are unique to yoga. Yoga can be as energetic and strong or as mild and calm as you need it to be. Yoga can make your life better. People are using yoga exercises at all stages of their lives because of its numerous benefits like; It improves blood circulation in body, tone muscles and increase body strength, improve flexibility, keep stress level in control, helps in insomnia, make immune system stronger and many more.

Yoga keep body free from inner stress, so that body prevent from illness and make body healthier throughout life. It is also belief that yoga promotes internal synchronization, balance and patience. Yoga harmonizes other natural means of medicinal work to improve the flow of energy in body throughout the life. In yoga there are many physical poses, and changing physical poses regularly will help you to attain better alignment of body organs and prevent physical pain. Wearing supportive footwear that keeps the spine aligned reinforces good posture.