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Yoga for Shoulder Pain

Most misused part of human body is shoulder. No one spend any time in exercising the shoulder muscles to make them stronger, however at the same time our shoulders are expected to bear the burden of weighty laptop bags and backpacks. Mistreatment of shoulders started right from childhood when we keep heavy school bag loaded with books on our delicate shoulders. One of the most excellent types of exercise that you can do for shoulder pain is yoga. People in any age group or physical condition can easily perform this gentle form of therapy. Letís take a look at some of the yoga for shoulder pain that can present rapid and permanent relief.

  1. Lie down straight on the ground on your back and bent your knees and keep your arms at your side.
  2. Now tilt your head until the top of your head touches the ground. Use your forearms and elbow to support the pose. Be in pose for 2-3 minutes and than relax.
  1. Lie straight on your back and keep your arms beside your hips.
  2. Now slowly bring your feet closer to your hips.
  3. Finally breathe in and out with raising and lowering of hips.
  4. Repeat this asana for 10 minutes; it will improve your spinal activity.
  1. Lie on your left side and bent your left arm.
  2. Place your body, arms and leg in straight line.
  3. Now close your eyes and take normal breathe.
  4. Repeat same steps with right side.