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Yoga for Parkinson's

Progressive disorder of the nervous system is called as Parkinson's disease (PD). Parkinson's disease (PD) is a gradually progressive state resulting from an insufficiency in the brain of a chemical known as dopamine. There are many chemical messengers in brain called, as neurotransmitter Dopamine is one of them. In the brain dopamine permit nerve cells to communicate with each other, without it, messages from the brain to the muscles are disrupted. After some of time symptoms of Parkinson become visible and symptom includes: inflexibility or stiffness of the arms, legs and neck; vibrations of the hands; sluggishness and decrease of movement; and loss of balance. Some other symptoms may go together with the main symptoms, including depression, confusion or uncertainty, vocal and swallowing difficulty, drooling, giddiness on standing, powerlessness, urinary regularity changes and constipation. Identification of Parkinson disease is based on the snuffer’s symptoms and performance on positive neurological and neuropsychological tests, along with checking out other probable causes of those symptoms.

Yoga has a key role in treatment of Parkinson's as it has come out as a advantageous alternative therapy and an ultimate form of exercise for Parkinson's sufferers because of its calm and slow movements. Following yoga techniques stated below could effectively help Parkinson's patients:
  1. Focus on controlling your breathing as this style of yoga (called as Pranayama) helpful in panic moments, such as feet fixing to the ground when walking. In this type of yoga, the mind is constantly in alert position.
  2. Few yoga techniques such as back-strengthening pose, large numbers of shoulder movements, breathing exercise and meditation is definitely beneficial.
  3. Most beneficial yoga form for used for treatment of Parkinson's is Ashtanga Yoga. It works to build up the body and also increases blood flow in body organs.
  4. Daily yoga practice is necessary because Parkinson's itself does not weaken the muscles; this failing of muscles is usually caused due to lack of movement. Regular yoga exercise should make sufferer confident.