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Yoga for Fat People

The body put on weight when the metabolic rate is not capable to consume the calorie ingestion and hence the surplus calories are turned into fat dump on the body. The surplus calories are generally consumed by laborious and tough exercises or reduced through dieting. Yoga is not tough and arduous; but it can enhance the rate of metabolism due to that body burns extra calories. So that yoga can control the fat and encourage weight loss without exhausting aerobics or weight training in the gym. Yoga for fat people controls weight gain and burn more calories and hence loose weight more comfortably and frequently than you would normally does. Yoga also provides an opportunity to meditate. Meditation followed by yoga asanas for weight loss brings not only the necessary control in your weight but also reduce the level of stress.

Best style of yoga for fat and obese people is the Vinyasa style of yoga. This technique of yoga is mainly set of sun salutations exercises that incorporated with athletic yoga styles. Other than this following types of yoga are considered excellent for fat people:
Power Yoga for fat people:
Power Yoga is full of energetic and strong cardiovascular workout which helps in weight regulation of body.
Power yoga is considered as best and very effective yoga style when it comes for fat and obese people.

Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga for fat people:
The next type of yoga for fat people is the "Bikram yoga", which is generally known as "hot yoga". There are 26 different asanas of Bikram Yoga and all are helpful for weight loose with ease.

If some one is very fat or obese then the best way is to start yoga with simple asans and then move for advance one.