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Yoga for Anxiety

Time to time we all suffer from anxiety and depression. Anxiety is nothing but a state of mind disturbance or fear where the cause is often unidentified. Although mild anxiety is very normal but it can be damaging in its advance levels. Severe anxiety can cause conditions like sickness, vomiting, and difficulty in breathing, palpitations, weakness, restlessness, and some time head and chest pains. Due to anxiety your body and mind goes extreme state of stress. Yoga and breathing techniques are excellent way to control anxiety and depression. Yoga's exceptional combination of mild physical movements, breathing exercise, relaxation and meditation are designed to synchronize the mechanism of the nervous system and to calm down the strained body.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation are three powerful tools that are used for reduction and prevention of state of anxiety. All of these exercises grow the mental power of self-belief, strength of mind, attentiveness, determination, and tolerance. And when all three are practiced together they will create an even stronger effect on relaxing the mind and sentiment.

Emotions play the main role in anxiety disorder. Extreme feeling of terror, worry, bad temper, irritation and sadness can all add and increase level of anxiety. Twists and hip opening poses of yoga and also sidebands will help in balancing the emotions, and therefore help in reducing the feelings of anxiety. The following poses of yoga will also helpful to control the emotions: prayer squat, revolved head to knee, supine bound angle, standing angle half circle, seated angle, seated twist, and prayer twist.

The breath also plays an important role in several cases of excess anxiety. To control anxiety due to breathing pranayama is best option, pranayama is a yogic breathing exercises. With the help of this the nervous system is naturally calmed and quieten. With a regular practice one can understand how to intentionally maintain a slow and calm breath every times to stop or control extreme states of anxiety. Sit Cari and Shitali pranayamas are helpful in case of anxiety due to breathing.

The mind plays an important role in case of long-term anxiety. Yoga and meditation permit us to have rule over our feelings through mental disconnection and the capability to focus the mind on the present experience.