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What is Yoga

Yoga is basically a Sanskrit word and it’s meaning is unite (union). Basically yoga is joining or connection of individual parts like body and brain, brain with heart, heart with soul so that one can get happy and balanced life. Yoga is considered in India as one of the branch from six different branches of traditional philosophy and also it is exist in “Vedas” which is one of the oldest texts in existence. With Yoga, one can expand its healthy and fruitful years of living far beyond the conventional means and also improve the quality of life.

Lots of people believe that yoga is nothing but stretching. But in yoga stretching is positively involved, yoga is actually about making balance in the body through developing both strength (power) and flexibility (elasticity). This is done through the presentation of postures, all of which has definite physical benefits.

According to “Bhagavad Gita” there are four main paths by which one can reach the final goal of Yoga: First path is known as “Jnana Marga” in which you can learn how to differentiate between real and non-real. Second path is termed as “Karma Marga”. This path is teaching noble and unselfish works. Third path is called as “Bhakti Marga”. This is path of devotion, loyalty and commitment. Fourth path is known as “Yoga Marag” where all the performances of the brainpower and realization are calculated and brought under control.