Baba Ramdev Yoga Exercises

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What is Yoga

Generally, in Bhakti Yoga or bhakti meditation - there is consciousness of a special bond with god.

Health benefits of yoga

The most significant advantage of Yoga is physical and psychological healing. Practicing

Preparation of yoga

For excellent preparation of yoga one must required spiritual and mental willingness as well as proper


Breathing means taking oxygen in and removing carbon dioxide out of the body. Aerobic organisms want oxygen

Yoga Meditation

Meditation is one of the five ethics of yoga. A common person may believe meditation as a devotion or prayer.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses are heart of yoga practice and each yoga poses has its own mental and physical benefits. Yoga is

Yoga for Beginners

Past few years has seen a considerable increase in the popularity and attractiveness of yoga. Whereas this

Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga is also known as "Devotional Yoga". Bhakti Yoga is the most natural and accepted path for those who are in