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Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses are heart of yoga practice and each yoga poses has its own mental and physical benefits. Yoga is not an aggressive and competitive sport. You don't be successful by matching a picture in a website or on a book. If you push your body excessively hard than probably you won't enjoy it, and you may get injured. While starting yoga doesn’t experiment with the poses, move your body, as you feel comfortable. When you begin practicing yoga, you have to hold three complete breaths through most yoga poses. But if you feel comfortable in the pose, hold for longer, if it is painful, you should come out of the pose straight away. The subtopics beneath allow you to search Yoga poses by the Sanskrit name and part of body (such as legs or spine). Suggested sequences of poses are:
  • Seated poses ( Sukhasana)
    A preliminary pose that helps in focusing alertness on breathing and the body. It makes lower portion stronger and release the groin and hips.

  • Standing poses ( Tadasana)
    It improves posture, sense of balance and self-awareness. Standing poses are frequently used as warm up or as a preliminary point for other yoga poses. Standing poses are advantageous for strengthening of legs and opening of hips.

  • Forward bends (Uttanasana)
    Forward bends enlarge the whole back of your body, mainly your hamstrings. It is also frequently used to release tension, quiet your mind and relieve your nervous system. It also keeps your spine strong and flexible.

  • Counter poses (Trikonasana)
    Counter poses stretch the spine, release the torso, and develop balance and concentration.

  • Warrior (Virabhadrasana)
    This pose makes legs and arms stronger; recovers balance and concentration and build self-confidence

  • The Cobra (Bhujangasana)
    It stretches the spine, make back and arms stronger and unlock the chest and heart. Head to Knee (Janu Shirshasana)
    It improves flexibility and stretches and opens back and hamstrings.

  • Half Shoulder stand (Ardha Sarvangasana)
    It encourages appropriate thyroid function, makes abdomen stronger, stretches upper back, and recovers blood circulation.

  • The Bridge (Sethu Bandhasa)
    This pose increases flexibility and elasticity; make lower back and abdominal muscles stronger and opens the chest.

  • The Corpse (Savasana)
    This pose refreshes the body and relaxes the mind, reduces stress and anxiety, and quiets the mind