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swami ramdev also known as baba ramdev, is known for his yoga teaching in india. He was born in Shahbajpur. After passing his eight standard, he attended aarsh gurukul in villege khanpur and learned sanskrit and yoga.Later he became sanyasi(monk), and started teaching yoga to the people free of cost in the villeges of Haryana. In the year 1995, he has become one of founders of Divya yog Mandir trust, Haridwar.

Swami Ramdev started TV Programme to teach yoga for various common disease which generally occurs in day to day life.Simple Yoga practice by swami ramdev has become very much popular among people of india and world.Now a days more than 20,000 people are addending their yoga camps, which is also being broadcasted by many TV channels. The number including the viewer of TV channel for yoga camp has become more than 80 million.

Swami ramdev established Patanjali yog peeth for research of Yoga and Ayurveda. His aide Archaya Balkrishna has ayurveda degree and taking care of ayurveda treatment for various diseases. Many incurable diseases has been cured through the practice of yoga and ayurveda. As proof of above they have published a book "Yog in Synergy with medical science" which contains the laboratory test, patient details as proof of cureness of disease.

According to swami ramdev Pranayama is the best medicine of the world, by daily practising of it, one could be disease free for his entire life. Pranayama is sanskrit word which means taking breath in and out in a proper way. If any one is following proper way of doing pranayama, he would be fit fine and disease free.