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Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti yoga is also known as "Devotional Yoga". Bhakti Yoga is the most natural and accepted path for those who are in search of emotional fulfillment. It is pure and divine devotion of love for god. Basic principal of Bhakti Yoga is "Love is God and God is Love". In Bhakti Yoga "bhakta" is regularly practicing meditation by imagination, thoughts and emotion that the God is standing before him. There are no Mudras and Aasan to do in Bhakti yoga.

Generally, in Bhakti Yoga or bhakti meditation - there is consciousness of a special bond with god. The follower is only aware of the God and of his own life; therefore in Bhakti Yoga a special relationship is developed between the God and the devotee (follower). At some stage devotee loses self-consciousness and is aware only of the Lord. At the occasion of oneness devotee is completely changed and improved. At next level devotee who does Bhakti meditation feels a premental relationship with his/her beloved lord. At this stage nothing holds bhakta attention, everything else than Bhakti is meaningless. Food, sleep, responsibilities, attachment all is no longer important for devotee.

Bhakti Yoga is only direct and pure way to experience the divine. There is nothing superior to love as per Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti Yoga is nothing but loves someone with complete dedication and devotion. Singing the names of god is easiest and best way of doing Bhakti Yoga. Singing clears the mind and even charges the surroundings with pure energy. If someone find difficulty in concentrating during meditation than prayers and mantras will help most. Direct prayers are very effective. It just likes talking with God.