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Yoga for Women

Generally structure of the woman's body is more delicate, soft and gentle. The general responsibility designated for women by nature is that of a nurturer and for that sensitivity and kindliness is essential for her at both physical and mental level. Women have to tolerate the pain of pregnancy and childbirth that are tremendously demanding and tough activities. External musculature that is required for self-defence and survival may not compulsory for women but she definitely need inner muscular and organic power and strength to tolerate and give birth to her children. On the other hand she has to be exceptionally sensitive in order to complete her role as the concerned member of her family. This calls for extremely developed and dedicated mental and emotional abilities. That is why the man is considered as physical strength and woman is considered as mental strength of the family. Thus men and women are bounded to fulfil different roles and are truly not complete without each other.

Yoga, oldest techniques can help women to deal with health problems and help them in development of their body and mind. Yoga poses can help to reduce the pain of Menstruation, manage strain, and make sure an easier delivery. Yoga also tones the muscles of the body to reduce excess fat, and make body more stretchy and stronger. Yoga asanas can also promote and enhance the endocrinal system. This system is very essential in the case of women because the fertility rotation of the women is such that it changes throughout the month and there are different hormonal changes during this period. The practice of yoga gives back up to the body system and deep relaxation also. This makes a woman more beautiful and attractive in a very natural way. Some basic yoga exercises that are very helpful are Kagasana, Nabhiyasana, Utthita Shirshasana, Yoniasana, Matsyendrasana.

Other than asanas practice of pranayama can give power and strength to the complete body by protecting and controlling the vital prana. Glow on face and body are other qualities of pranayama. Practicing yoga nidra can give relaxation to the complete body system and provide the strength to handle with the different stressful conditions. Meditation is a technique that diverts the senses inwards so that the woman develops correct insight about the self and obtain an perceptive of her accurate potential.