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Yoga for Seniors

The excellent thing about yoga is that it is very flexible so that different people with various physical abilities and needs can easily adopt it. However, the most popular reflection of yoga is youth, but the fact is that those who are senior and less flexible can also enjoy a yoga techniques and get even more benefit from it. Mild Yoga is appropriate for every person at any age, but the benefits are particularly more for seniors. The benefits of yoga for seniors are same as those for the other young age people, like it increases muscle toning, balance, power, and improved frame of mind. By practicing Pranayama (breathing exercises) lung ability is an increase; similarly by practicing some posture senior people can improve their sleep and if someone feel stressed than, yoga mediation is beneficial. But these benefits will not come in single day yoga practise to enjoy best results regular yoga practise is compulsory.

There are some basic asanas of yoga for seniors. No need to do many poses, stop when you feel tired.
Adhomukhasvanasana (downward facing dog)
  1. Put a chair with its back next to a wall.
  2. Bend in forward direction and take your hands on top of the chair seat and hold the seat sides.
  3. Now walk your feet reverse about 2 to 3 feet and keep your hip width apart, arms straight, breathe out and take your head down.
  4. Lift your Buttocks up towards the ceiling.
  5. Push your thighbones backward and pull out your heels into the ground and stretch your spine.
  6. Keep on elbows straightening by pressing your external arm muscles into the bones. Try to hold up for a minute and than relax your body to original position.

Utkatasana (Fierce pose):
  1. Stand up with your backside next to a wall with 1- feet or more space from the wall.
  2. Point your feet straightforward and bend your knees, slide your back down the wall till your thighs become approximately parallel to the base.
  3. Push your back against the wall for hold.
  4. Now raise your chest bone and rotate your shoulders back and downward.
  5. Finally raise your arms and palms facing each other, and make your elbows straight, and take them overhead. Press the outer arms straight to your elbows and keep reaching upwards. Stay in this asana for 30 seconds and repeat few times.