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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hives

Hives is medically known as urticaria. Hives is a disease of the skin which causes circles and patches on whole body. The general symptoms of hives are inflammation on the affected part, itchiness, ache and trouble in doing regular activity. But, hives can be cured at home by using some easy Home remedies. Some effective home remedies for hives treatment are:
  1. The best and effective method for hives treatment would be to take cool compresses. Taking cool showers or bath would also be helpful in curing hives.

  2. Take half of the bathtub with warm water and add half cup cornstarch and half cup baking soda in it. Immerse whole body in this water. It is very effective home remedy for treatment of hives.

  3. A natural method to treat hives would be to apply Vitamin E oil on the affected parts. Do this at least two times daily.

  4. Nettles are famous to have remedial effect over the hives. Prepare tea adding 2 tsp of powdered stinging nettle. Now in this tea add either one tsp of honey or some drops of lemon for taste.

  5. Drinking chamomile, peppermint, or valerian tea is very beneficial in hives treatment. These all calm the mind and are thus useful in curing hives.

  6. Aloe Vera is very helpful in curing hives. Cover the affected part with Aloe Vera. One can either use pulp of Aloe Vera or the cream having it.

  7. Increase the intake of groceries that are rich in Vitamin C and E with Zinc.

  8. Take either one tsp of olive oil or vegetable oil, and add some drops of grapefruit seed extract to it. Apply this mixture on the affected parts of the body. This solves dual purpose, lessen itching as well as cure hives. Or you can also add grapefruit seed extract in water and spray the solution on the affected parts.

  9. Take 3 tsp of cornstarch and 2 cups of oatmeal and mix them. Make paste of this mixture with addition of little water. Cover the hive-affected parts with this paste for about 25 to 30 minutes. Then, wash with water.

  10. Apply milk of magnesia on the affected parts. This would reduce the irritation and the itching. Apply this many times daily.

  11. Swimming in chlorine water is advantageous in hives treatment. It would help to make hives out.

  12. It is better to avoid any type of heat in the body. This would widen the blood vessel and increases the hives instead.
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