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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Hernia

Listed below are some effective Home Remedies for hemiplegia or paralysis treatment. Try following remedies depending upon stage, condition and symptoms of the disease: Home remedies that can be beneficial for treatment of hernia are:
  • If there is a lump that is visible, then softly push the lump back in the abdominal part.

  • Lie down in the sloping pose with the pelvis slightly elevated than the head. This exercise is very helpful in recovery of hernia

  • Best remedy for hernia treatment is ice pack. Place ice pack on the swelled part gradually so that the hernia can slide in.

  • Another important way to control or avoid hernia would be ideal body weight. Try to maintain an ideal body weight with consuming correct quantity of foods and nutrients.

  • Eat high fiber diets including fresh fruits and vegetables with skin, whole pulses and grains, and legumes. Avoid smoking and lifting of weighty objects.
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