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10 Minutes Work-Out Blast Off Belly Fat

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10 Minutes Work-Out (Blast Off Belly Fat)

10 Minutes Work-Out (Blast Off Belly Fat)
Description :
In today's fast life where you do not have time to take care of your health and no time for exercise, this 10-Minutes Workout DVD will provide guidelines to keep you fit. You need to take only 10-Minutes from your busy life. This DVD has 5 dynamic workout, each of 10 minutes only. This DVD is designed to work on your every angle of midsection. This ultra and effective workout will fit into schedule of even busiest person.This fat-blasting workouts is amazing and 5 seperate workouts work well together.Get a FLAT BELLY FAST. This workout directly work on your deepest abdominal muscles and flattes your belly fast. This will remove extra layer of fat and gives you firm ab muscles. It will burn your mega calories and provides chiseled ab muscles. ABS RIPPER Suzane Bowen has provided her most effecetive exercises and combined them into 10 minutes powerful workout for flat belly. SIX PACK ABS is not far if you continuously follow instructions of this DVD.

(Disclaimer) The contents of this DVD is free from any claim, as results may differ from person to person. the company and itís associates are not responsible for any consequences.
Format : DVD
Pack of : 1 DVD
Language : English
Duration :

Price : US$ 15.85 (Inclusive of shipping charges for worldwide shipment within 4 to 5 days from warehouse)
50% OFF for limited time (DVD Contains Original Hologram)
How to Purchase : You can pay online by clicking on the following link -->